National VOAD Award Nominations

The National VOAD Board of Directors invites all National Members, State/Territorial VOADs, and Partners to submit nominations for the National VOAD Awards. The awards are presented at the annual National VOAD Conference Awards Dinner. The awards recognize organizational and individual excellence and contributions that reflect “the best of the best” in service and support within the entire VOAD movement.

How to Submit a Nomination

Nominations may be submitted by anyone who is part of the VOAD Movement in the United States. You can find the nominations form below. Please provide a detailed description of the actions, initiatives, and reasons you believe the nominee(s) should receive the award. Your nominations will not be considered complete without an explanation. You may nominate for one category, or several.

If you wish to submit further documentation regarding the nominee, please send them to [email protected]. This documentation could include pictures, letters of recommendation, etc. 

We recommend that nominators coordinate their submissions with their organization’s Member Representative or Alternate, or their State/Territory VOAD Chairperson as appropriate.

All nominations will be treated confidentially. Award winners will be selected by the National VOAD Executive Committee. All nominations must be submitted by April 1st. 

If Your Nominee Wins

If your nominee receives an award, both you and the award recipient will be notified prior to Conference. Attendance at the National VOAD Conference is not required of nominators or award winners, and we regret that we cannot provide a travel stipend for that purpose. However, we do hope that award recipients will be able to attend to receive their award in person. If that is not possible, the nominator and recipient should identify a designated individual who will be attending the conference to accept the award onstage on behalf of the recipient.

Questions regarding the nomination process or criteria may be directed to [email protected]