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Frequently Asked Questions

What is National VOAD?

National VOAD is a non-profit association of over 130 members. In addition, National VOAD has an affiliate in every State and Territory, called State/Territory VOADs. These State/Territory VOADs are the best way to get involved with disaster relief efforts in your area.

Who can be a member of National VOAD?

National VOAD Member organizations represent a diverse group of highly-competent organizations that provide a wide range of skills in service to our fellow man, our communities and our nation. All organizations have service-oriented missions and include volunteer engagement as a key component of their operations. Our State/Territory VOAD Members represent many local and regional VOADs, and hundreds of additional local organizations. All are dedicated to whole community engagement and recognize that the VOAD movement values and practices represent a proven way to build resilient communities. Our dynamic combination of faith-based, community-based, and other nonprofit, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) represents thousands of professional staff and volunteers with unique skills and a resourceful spirit.

Who can be a partner of National VOAD?

National VOAD promotes whole-community collaborative relationships and practices throughout the disaster cycle. Recognizing that all sectors of society must work together to foster more resilient, self-reliant communities nationwide, we facilitate partnerships with government agencies, for-profit corporations, foundations, educational and research institutions, and other governmental agencies.

Where is National VOAD located?

National VOAD does not have a central HQ, but rather has employees spread across the country, working remotely. We can be reached at our mailing address, P.O. Box 26125 Alexandria, VA 22314, or by phone at 703-778-5088 or by e-mail at [email protected].

How Can I Get Involved?

The best way to get involved is by contacting your local State VOAD to see what volunteer opportunities are in your area. You can also offer to volunteer with National VOAD Members here. Finally, you can follow our social media accounts to keep an eye out for volunteer and donation opportunities.

Can I Donate to National VOAD?

National VOAD does not accept direct donations. However, you can donate to our Members by clicking on their website links on the Members page of our website. The best way to make an impact in the lives of survivors is by donating cash to National VOAD members or local response agencies.

What resources does National VOAD provide?

National VOAD provides members with resources such as access to reduced shipping, lodging and transportation rates thanks to our partnerships with UPS, Airbnb, and Enterprise. For non-members and members alike, we also offer a variety of trainings and guidance documents on our website’s resource center that cover everything from communications to volunteer management.