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National VOAD Proxy Forms

Please read carefully before assigning your proxy vote.

National VOAD Bylaws provide National and State VOAD members in good standing the option to have their Member Representative or State VOAD Chair cast their ballot at the annual Membership Meetings either in person, by proxy or through the official representative of their organization or State VOAD. Please complete the proxy form by April 30th. 

Proxy voting must follow these rules:

1. If you wish to vote by proxy, you must use the official form below. 
2. The form must be completed no later than April 30th.
3. The proxy holder must verify that the proxy form is on record during check-in. The proxy may be exercised only by the person or persons named.

Remember: If you cannot attend Conference, it is your obligation and privilege to vote by proxy.

National Member Proxy Form
State/Territory VOAD Proxy Form