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Intro to the Dart Volunteer Module

Following the trio of storms that impacted the United States during the 2017 hurricane season, a flood of individuals...

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Presbyterian Women Disaster Preparedness Program

Since 2014, through the Presbyterian Women Disaster Preparedness program, Presbyterian Disaster Assistance (PDA) and Presbyterian Women (PW) have collaborated...

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The Summer of 4C’s: Public-Private Collaboration in Response

This summer brought several rounds of flash flooding to Pennsylvania, primarily in the central part of the commonwealth. Schuylkill...

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Geospatial Visualization for the Greater Good: Hurricane Florence Response

Team Rubicon in partnership with corporate partners BAE Systems, DigitalGlobe, Slingshot Aerospace, and Planet, began conducting remote sensing damage...

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Greater Philadelphia Long Term Recovery Committee

National VOAD sat down for a discussion with Julia Menzo from Lutheran Disaster Response, and Laura Olson, a Lecturer...

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