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Afghan Evacuees Support

As tens of thousands of Afghan citizens arrive in the U.S. seeking safety and asylum, the VOAD Movement is ready to provide critical services and support! National VOAD is in close communication with the Department of Defense, the Department of State, U.S. Northern Command, and the Federal Emergency Management Agency to provide coordination of our membership in order to meet the needs of incoming Afghan refugees at multiple military bases around the country.

The situation is rapidly evolving, however we anticipate the needs of this community to expand as the Afghan people seek to resettle in cities across the United States. National VOAD members are ready and willing to support with critical services and emotional care as the needs will continue for many months.

We will continue to provide updates and share any resource requests as needs are identified.

While all donations are appreciated, CASH IS BEST. Our members are fully-vetted, experienced, and dedicated professionals who will get the most out of your generous donation. Do not send or bring unsolicited donations. National VOAD does not take direct donations of cash, but we encourage you to make a donation to our members who are currently responding to the needs of Afghan refugees across the country. 

If you wish to make a financial donation to a National VOAD Member, please visit the National VOAD Member listings here.

For more information on how you can get involved as a National VOAD Member or a volunteer, contact [email protected].