interior Community Preparedness Committee banner image

Community Preparedness Committee

Committee Chair: Caroline Hamilton-Arnold, Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)

Vice Chair: Karl Jones, United Church of Christ

Board Liaison: Jenn Dorsch-Messler, Brethren Disaster Ministries

The purpose of the Community Preparedness Committee will be to apply and promote the 4C’s to nationwide community preparedness, including promoting ‘preparedness’ as a national civic virtue and duty, identifying and sharing best practices, and collaborating with all sectors to identify and promote innovative ways to enhance community preparedness. National VOAD will soon be collaborating with DHS/FEMA and HHS/CDC as co-branded partners promoting existing national preparedness exercises and campaigns. Such initiatives that could involve all members will increase community engagement and awareness, as well as the awareness of National VOAD and its members’ role in the disaster cycle. The Committee will support staff to coordinate such nationwide activities among members.