The National VOAD Logo

In the National VOAD May/June 1979 newsletter a contest was announced to design a new logo. The guidelines for the entries were: the logo should be easily identifiable, easy to reproduce, inexpensive to print, large enough to be visible (but small enough to be worn on your clothes) and must contain the words “National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster.” The grand prize was $25, and the deadline for entries was September 10, 1979. The judges for the contest were the Executive Committee at its September 18 meeting.

The January/February 1980 issue of the newsletter announced that Christian Reformed World Relief Committee was the winner of the logo contest. The winning entry was presented at the annual meeting January 28, 1980, and is still in use today.

In the spring of 2010 the logo/signature was revised to standardize it, and is currently interpreted as follows: “Uniqueness of diversity funneled into a cooperative goal.” The logo depicts a narrowing selection and channeling process as member organizations pool their resources. To maximize these resources, the organizations become one, yet distinctive within predetermined parameters. The organizations work toward a defined goal to ensure that the delivery of services and resources are done efficiently and effectively. Through a statement of purpose, these various organizations are brought together under an umbrella organization known as National VOAD.

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