Setting the Course for Providence

Over the past 26 years, National VOAD members and partners have assembled at the National VOAD Conference to work on improving our disaster relief and recovery efforts. Quite often, these annual meetings take place after major disasters such as Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy. This year’s Conference in Providence will be no different. In fact, given the scope of current response and recovery efforts, this year’s Conference may be one of the most influential in National VOAD’s history.
That being said, Providence is a natural host for Conference 2018. The long legacy of Providence fishermen braving rough conditions to get the job done should be familiar to National VOAD members, partners and volunteers. (The coffee and donut shops that Providence is famous for should be familiar with our members at the end of the week, as well!)
Hurricane season showed us the importance of the VOAD movement and that if we all set our sails in the same direction, we can make great progress. From Texas to Puerto Rico, National VOAD members worked closely with local and National partners to get the job done, and set the communities they served on a course to recovery.  As the next hurricane season fast approaches, we hope that you use this time in Providence to network and learn new ways you can serve those in need.
We look forward to celebrating this year’s achievements with you! Onwards to Providence!

Top 5 Reasons To Go To Conference

  1. Your best chance to network with leaders in the disaster field.
  2. Providence has the most coffee and donut shops per capita of any city in the country. Need we say more?!
  3. Visit The Big Blue Bug, also known as Nibbles Woodaway, located along I-95 in Providence. Nibbles is the world’s largest artificial bug!
  4. Get to hang out with National VOAD Board Member, Jay Burdick.
  5. History! Providence is teeming with Colonial historical sites.

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