Disaster Recovery Specialist

Position Description (Eastern Regional)

TITLE: UCC Disaster Recovery Specialist (Eastern Regional)

(2 year position with possibility for extension)

REPORTS TO: Conference Minister, Southern Conference UCC

WORK SUPERVISOR: UCC Disaster Ministries Executive

GENERAL PURPOSE OF POSITION: The UCC Disaster Recovery Specialist (DRS) supports the efforts of UCC Disaster Ministries regionally and within conferences by taking a lead role following large scale disasters.

LOCATION: Remote with responsibility in FEMA Regions 1, 2, 3, 4 (Eastern Regional). See Appendix A


* Facilitate the work of UCC Disaster Ministries in planning for and responding to major disasters by providing information, expertise, energy, direction, resources, and referrals for UCC response/recovery efforts.

* Travel to disaster impacted communities and provide assessment, guidance, mentorship, accompaniment and support within the conference(s) to Conference Disaster Coordinators, Conference Ministers and local churches.

* Support clear communication between Conference Ministers, Conference Disaster Coordinators, UCC Disaster Ministries National staff, ecumenical and national partners via phone and e-mail communications before, during and after disasters.

* Adhere to the National VOAD Points of Consensus and ensure UCC response/recovery is supported and managed in accordance.

* Establish recovery sites in consultation with and according to guidelines provided by UCC Disaster Ministries.

* Identify unique opportunities for UCC Disaster Ministries to address issues of injustice in disaster recovery.

* Build strong relationships with local, state and national disaster response and faith-based networks in order to carry out UCC Disaster Ministries response/recovery.

* Support the development of local Long –Term Recovery Groups

* Educate UCC Congregations about Long – Term Recovery Groups (LTRG) and encourage their engagement in the LTRG

* Work closely with and in support of construction management, volunteer management and case management (and other recovery functions).

* Develop strategic partnerships (local, state and national) that leverage resources and support the overall mission of the United Church of Christ.

* Identify unique funding opportunities central to the mission of UCC Disaster Ministries in the Eastern Region.

*Note that the hiring of a Disaster Recovery Specialist (DRS) will decrease the burden on Conference Disaster Coordinators by shifting many of the response/recovery responsibilities to the DRS.

QUALIFICATIONS: The qualifications listed below are representative of knowledge, skills and abilities required to perform successfully in this position:

* A person of faith with a commitment to represent the United Church of Christ and its core values.

* Desire and sensitivity to working in diverse racial, ethnic, cultural and religious settings with commitment to diversity in the workplace as well as in one’s understanding of mission.

* Strong interpersonal skills that contribute to effective interaction & communication within diverse settings.

* Ability to work with a minimum supervision, self-starter, readily adaptable to change, able to physically work at a disaster recovery location

* Ability to work as part of a team and help a team function effectively

* Ability to quickly gain trust and respect of faith leaders, community leaders and others impacted by disaster.

* Problem solving skills

* Demonstrated written and oral English language skills.

* Computer literacy skills.

* Adaptable and flexible

* Ability to communicate effectively and work collaboratively with multiple agencies and constituencies, including federal, state, and local representatives of government, faith-based organizations, and social service and community agencies

* Experience or knowledge in conflict resolution

* Ability to manage self-care in a stressful situation

* Ability to travel extensively within the region and as requested by the Disaster Ministries Executive.

* Preferred prior disaster field experience in the USA and an understanding of and commitment to work with disaster response entities such as Church World Service (CWS); NVOAD, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), etc.

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