Dennis Clancey

Team Rubicon

Tier 1

Dennis has been an active member of various NVOAD committees and Team Rubicon’s member representative to NVOAD for the last 2 years. He currently serves as Director on the Board of The Education for Peace in Iraq Center, a non-profit that supplies analysis for agencies and NGOs on the evolving complexities regarding security and prosperity in Iraq.

Dennis joined Team Rubicon in 2015 as a volunteer, responding to the Nepal earthquake and Texas floods. He joined the staff full-time in September of that year to oversee and support Team Rubicon’s international and domestic disaster responses—and establish its National Operations Center in Grand Prairie, Texas.

A 2004 West Point graduate, Dennis spent six years as an active-duty Army officer, including combat leadership in Iraq. In 2010, he joined as an operations leader in Europe and North America, launching 2 of its then largest fulfillment centers. A standout performer at the company, Dennis was featured in the 2012 Fortune magazine article “How Amazon learned to love veterans.” Prior to joining Team Rubicon, Dennis was a successful entrepreneur in the textile industry and director of an award-winning documentary film. He also holds a MBA with a focus in Human Resources.

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