Dana Reed

Operation BBQ Relief

Tier 2

Dana Reed, Head of Volunteer Services has been involved in disaster relief for 7 years with Operation BBQ Relief. In 2012 there were 6 out of 7 board seats filled and he was asked to fill the last seat with the expectation of developing the volunteer side of the organization.
At that time, Operation BBQ Relief in its infancy had approximately 1200 volunteers and a handful of disaster responses. Having his work cut out for him, he knew that his priority was to start recruiting team members that
shared his passion for not just OBR but for the volunteer.
OBR needed ambassadors and additional state leaders, to not only recruit but to engage the volunteers in their states. Because of this need, Dana developed a state lead program, a program that identified and harnessed the energy of likeminded volunteers to represent OBR. These leads would eventually be the eyes and ears on the ground during deployments, working tirelessly to provide a good experience for volunteers, while not jeopardizing the organic grow
th of OBR. There are currently 35 state leads and 20 of them represent OBR at State VOADS.
Dana, went on to develop a better way to register and deploy volunteers, with the help of his team, an app was developed for operations and volunteer management. Volunteers can now get real time communications about
current deployments, sign-up and be deployed with one click. His most recent accomplishment, was getting OBR accepted into Columbia University’s School of Non-Profit Management senior capstone project.
When Dana isn’t improving the processes, he still enjoys competitive BBQ with his wife and twin boys. However, his enjoyment and thrill of competition doesn’t always equate to a first-place finish.

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