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Current Disasters
Current Disasters

To volunteer with a National VOAD member organization, please visit: Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma

To donate to a National VOAD member organization, please click here.

National VOAD’s Members and Partners have asked us to disseminate the following message:

  • Do not self-deploy.
    • Please notify volunteers and partner agencies that self-deployment is discouraged.
    • Volunteers should link up with affiliates or organizations training individuals in order to assist in a cohesive and organized fashion.
    • To volunteer, please register on our website.
    • Organizations should contact their Local/State VOAD to coordinate volunteer efforts.
  •  Do not send or bring unsolicited donations.
    • In the early stages of the response phase, most organizations are unable to accommodate any material goods.
    • Unsolicited donations create a challenge of storage and sorting when focus is needed on response and recovery.
    • Monetary donations continue to be the preferred manner of contributing to disaster relief and can be done so through our roster of National Organization Members.