Airbnb Open Homes Program

NVOAD and several of its members are partnering with Airbnb to prepare communities ahead of disaster, and we invite your organization to join the effort. Airbnb’s Open Homes program enables community members to offer free, temporary housing to disaster evacuees in need of emergency housing, as well as emergency relief workers and volunteers who come to disaster-inflicted regions to assist with recovery process.

Airbnb’s mission is to create a world where anyone can belong anywhere, and the Open Homes program looks to solve the “anyone” part of their belonging ethos. Whether it’s neighbors evacuating or relief workers deployed to help, a home gives people much-needed space to figure out what’s next. Hosts can play an important role in their community’s response and recovery — just by offering their extra space.

This Open Homes concept began organically back in 2012 in the wake of Hurricane Sandy and has since grown into a global disaster response and relief initiative that makes it easy for generous community members to provide space for people in need when disasters strike.

“Through our program, those in need of temporary housing are able to connect with Airbnb hosts in the area who are opening their homes free of charge. Airbnb Open Homes hosts waive their fees and we waive ours.”

How it works

During and directly after a disaster, Airbnb activates the Open Homes program to aid local efforts and address the need for temporary housing and accommodations.

Community members who choose to participate have their space listed on our disaster response portal, where evacuees and relief workers can in turn book temporary housing with hosts who are offering their space for free. In addition, guests and hosts in the impacted area have access to Airbnb’s 24/7 customer support and a specialized Open Homes team for any questions about a reservation, as well as Airbnb’s $1M guarantee property protection.

To ensure the program is needed and of value to other concurrent response and relief efforts, Airbnb works closely with local, state and Federal governments and relief organizations, including the Red Cross, All Hands and Hearts Smart Response, IsraAid, Team Rubicon, and Mercy Corps.

Enabled by these proactive preparedness partnerships, the Open Homes community has housed over 25,000 people in need to date. Open Homes hosts have helped people from more than 61 different countries, and Airbnb’s disaster response team has responded to hundreds of disasters around the world.

Help build a resilient community

The foundational pillar of Open Homes is the community of altruistic hosts. These are everyday people who are willing and excited to provide free housing to evacuees and relief workers, as an alternative or in addition to making monetary donations and volunteering time. Open Homes hosts are invaluable in ensuring families and relief workers have a comfortable place to stay in the wake of disaster.

Given the urgency and need during a disaster, proactive collaboration with mission-aligned organizations is essential. With a collective audience of millions across the globe, organizations like yours are crucial to this preparedness effort. Your organization can help build resilience ahead of disaster by spreading the word to your communities with a simple click.

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