50 Years of Cooperation

As we move toward Conference 2020 in Phoenix, Arizona, National VOAD will be celebrating our guiding principles: the 4 Cs. Communication, Coordination, Collaboration and Cooperation have been at the center of what National VOAD Members and Partners have done over the last 50 years, and we will be exploring just what that has looked like in the past, and evolved into in the future. You can share your 4 C stories with us here on the 50th anniversary website.

The next ‘C’ that we will be celebrating is Cooperation. Always at the center of what we do, the past few months have shown the ability of National VOAD members and partners to effectively cooperate to achieve their goals, and improve the lives of survivors.

This winter, National VOAD organized a meeting of Midwest VOADs to come together to cooperate to achieve shared goals and share best practices. The Capacity & Capability Project for State/Territory VOADs kicked off in Omaha, February 6th. The meeting set out to convene leadership from the Midwest Region to discuss the results of an initial information gathering survey and interview completed by participants in the months preceding the in-person gathering and offered opportunities for State VOAD leadership to engage in thoughtful and intentional strategy building, capacity building and resource discussion. This meeting also included a discussion on how to cooperate to reach capacity goals for the region.

Here is what a few of the attendees had to say about their experience:

This was my first Regional meeting.  I was very impressed with the information presented and how it could help us in Minnesota as we are working towards a hiring of an Executive Director. The planning, sounding out and brainstorming helped us to see how we’d be able to utilizing funding.  It was very worthwhile and I highly recommend attending a meeting in your region.

Ryc Lyden
Minnesota VOAD

The meeting was extremely valuable to me. As a relatively new chair, I appreciated meeting and interacting with the leaders of other state VOADs, exchanging ideas, and hearing about their challenges and successes. I look forward to continuing the connection and conversation with the state VOADs in the future.  

Lisa Ashby
Nebraska VOAD

Cooperation has always been a vitally important part of the National VOAD experience, and will continue to be through our next 50 years. National VOAD will continue to promote cooperation through similar gatherings and efforts throughout the Capacity & Capability Project for State/Territory VOADs. If you wish to learn more about this project or discuss ways to further cooperate with your neighboring State/Territory VOADs, contact April Dembeck, [email protected]

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