National Mass Care Strategy (NMCS)

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On behalf of all the stakeholders involved in the development of the National Mass Care Strategy (NMCS), the National Mass Care Council (NMCC) is pleased to announce the release and publication of the National Mass Care Strategy (NMCS).
During times of emergency and disasters, community mass care needs can include emergency sheltering, feeding, bulk distribution and family reunification. To best address these needs, which are scalable based on severity and scope of an event, the concept of a NMCS was introduced and developed through a collaborative process led by the American Red Cross, Federal Emergency Management Agency, and National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster under the direction of the NMCC.
The NMCS recognizes that every stakeholder brings distinctive strengths critical to the effective delivery of mass care services and that the most successful mass care is achieved through collaborative whole community effort. Through the development and further implement of the NMCS, we acknowledge that it is vitally important for all stakeholders to work as partners if we are to meet the mass care needs of a community.
The NMCC considers the NMCS as an ongoing mechanism for identifying and building the relationships necessary to conduct effective mass care capacity building and service delivery. As such, the NMCC will continue to re-visit the strategy and further fine tune the implementation plan as stakeholders work together to prepare for and meet the mass care challenges our communities will face in times of disaster.
We invite you to download the National Mass Care Strategy
The National Mass Care Council Leadership Team

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