Donate Responsibly Toolkit

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What’s the best way to support people impacted by disasters? Monetary donations to relief organizations working directly with those affected are the most efficient way to help, such as VOAD Member agencies.

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National VOAD is proud to join the Ad Council and a coalition of leading humanitarian and aid organizations to encourage Americans to support those affected by disaster through monetary donations to relief organizations. These donations enable relief organizations to react with speed and specificity across all critical sectors, providing the most relevant and necessary supplies and services to those in need. When relief organizations need donations of household goods, they will broadcast appeals with required items, amounts and an end date for the appeal. Material donations sent outside of appeals from relief organizations can delay staging and distribution of critical supplies.

A series of PSAs released by the Ad Council explain why cash is the best way to help. The campaign was launched on November 5, 2012 by the Ad Council and supported by the coalition – which includes CIDI, the U.S. Agency for International Development, InterAction, The UPS Foundation and National VOAD.


Donate Responsibly Video

Radio PSAs:

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What One Thing :30

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Paper Crumpling :30

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